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- Being a winner in online poker is a much more difficult thing than most rookies may believe. Since Texas Holdem is the most popular poker genre out there, that's exactly what you'll be playing when you hit the tables. Even though you may get hit by the "rookie's lucky streak" in the beginning, bear in mind that Texas Holdem is a game of big luck-induced variance. Sooner or later, you'll find yourself on the losing end, and as a rookie, you won't really get a chance at making money in the long-run.

- This is why investing some of your hard-earned cash into online poker is an extremely risky operation, especially when you're a rookie. Some say, you should never put more money into poker than you can afford to take to the back of your garden and burn. I'm not sure about you, but I know I can't afford to burn even $1, so I need to look for something more economic.

- Free poker bankrolls are definitely the answer here. Believe it or not, certain poker rooms will give you real money just so you sign up and play, without any strings attached and without any deposit needed on your part. These sums are usually not very significant, however, they may just be enough to kick-start your poker bankroll and thus your poker career.

- Given the fact that such free poker bankrolls are usually in the $10-$100 range, they won't last long if you do not play your chance wisely. If you end up squandering your chance fast, you'll be disappointed and the first steps that you take in the world of real-money poker, may well end up being your last.

- In order to make the most of your capital, you have to learn proper bankroll management with everything it involves.

- Game selection is part of money management and as such, it is the very first choice you'll have to make as a real money player. You'll play Texas Holdem
obviously, because Omaha is not at all friendly towards newbies, and the edge Holdem provides for rookies when going up against veterans, through its luck-based variance is just what you need.

- Do you just hit the first cash table and start playing? No way. For one thing, regular cash games are extremely hard to beat. At these tables, you'll have to be a long term winner, short lucky streaks won't cut it. On top of it all, you only win as much as you do on each actual hand, and the rake is going to get to you. Surviving here doesn't really have a value. If you survive, you break even and that's about all, you waste a lot of time and energy for nothing.

- While the rake can be defeated through a good rakeback deal, there's not much you can do about the other factors. Another major factor that kicks in big time at cash tables is the matter of the bankroll. With $10 in your pocket, you'll barely find a table where you could play properly bankrolled. Since a big part of being a winning poker player comes from being adequately bankrolled, you'll be an underdog for yet another reason.

- STTs are obviously the answer to your problem. The bankroll issue won't plague you as much, because once you buy in, you get 1500 chips just like anyone else around the table. While this is not an adequate bankroll either, at least you'll start out from an equal footing with all your opponents. In STTs the value of simply managing to stay in the game is great. You don't have to win any of these tourneys, if you end up second or third (depending on the number of players the table starts with) you'll still walk away a winner.

There won't be a lot of competition since you'll only have to top 5-7 players to reach ITM, so that will give you a further advantage.

Whenever it seems like your bankroll runs low, you may want to try heads-up. In heads-up games, you only have to beat a single opponent, and you can eventually double your money with the least amount of effort.


One of the most important things when building up a serious bankroll from a
free promotion, is to cash out every now and then. Do not leave all your
money in your poker account, or you might wake up at the end of a losing
streak coupled with tilting, that it's all gone.


With over $500 free to start your poker career from the major poker sites, you can't go wrong. Get your free online poker bankroll now !

After completing a series of requirements (play a number of hands or acquire an amount of points) you are free to cash out. Money requests are accepted everyday and processed from two hours up to a maximum of seven days.

Eligibility: Some poker rooms temporarily don't accept USA players and other regional restrictions can be found.

- No deposit or credit card is required
- Completely free of charge
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