Top Fishiest Poker Sites

Poker Fish , the term comes from the act of fishing and it's used to characterize weak , unskilled players who plays extremely loose and similar to fishing , tries to catch the lucky card to make his hand .

Unfortunately for US players the options to choose a poker room is limited since the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act from 2006 . The act weeded out many fish players making it more difficult to deposit the fish-shark ratio change amongst US players .

In order to win the most money , you must find the easiest games . Why play tough games if you have alternatives

Fishy poker rooms
- The games are really slow which can annoy any serious grinder , 3D environment and the gimmicks (chip tricks / avatar emotions) will get old after a while . You will not multitable as much as you'd want but as long as it entertains and attracts the fishy and casual players it is a good place to stay . If you manage to keep a high rate of winnings it just may worth your while .
Hits Misses
- 3D Environment (If you are into that)
- Easy-To-Clear first deposit bonus
- 3D Environment (If you hate that)
- No tracking compatibility (PokerTracker)


- Party was originally the fishiest poker room before their pullout from the US market . Enough loose players stay around for week SNG and MTT games . They have an aggressive campaign to target new player which should bring in more action .
Hits Misses
- Huge guaranteed tournaments
- Loose rebuy tournaments
- Slow client software

  Poker Room
Max Network
Bonus Code -
- Fairly loose holdem games , many of the tables with a viewed-flop over 50%
Hits Misses
- Satellite to live tournaments
- Quick-seat feature
- Resource hog client software
- Has no mixed games