Poker Bankroll Management

- Bankroll management should be a top priority of every poker player . With correct management you can easily reduce the risks of losing your entire bankroll . If you had your fair share of online poker , you remember the incredible luck streaks when your premium cards always hold up and you get stacked table after table .
- Swings go in both directions , you will have the same amount of bad luck streaks and with bankroll management you can make sure you're playing the right limit .


Important notes on your poker bankroll management :
- Beat your limit : Poker is a game of patience , never play out of your comfort zone . If you play lower than you should , you might play too casually . If you play above your comfort zone , your game will most likely tighten and will cost you in the long run .
- Discipline : Set the rules and stick with them , just for having a good session you should not move to a higher limit prematurely . Fight the temptation and remember , you want to be a consistent winner instead of gambling .
- Rakeback : Getting rakeback means a significant increase to your bankroll even if you play the mid/low levels . Loosing players will break even and good players will get an extra couple hundred to their bankroll.

rakeback chart

Conservative vs Aggressive bankroll management
- If you don't have the patience to master a limit and wish to aim for quick winnings go for aggressive management . To keep your bankroll , you will be forced to change between limits more often as it involves more risks . Select the bankroll management that suits your style . If you don't wish to change the limits very often , go for the conservative style . Chris Ferguson used a very aggressive bankroll management on his " $0 to $10,000 " attempt . (He used 20 BI for SNG , 50 BI for MTT and 10 BI for cash games). Don't let your ego get in the way , drop the limit if your bankroll management indicates .

Poker Bankroll Management Chart
Preferred Game Aggressive
Recommended Conservative
Limit cash game -
300 BB 500 BB+
NL Cash Game 15 Buy-ins
25 Buy-ins 50+ Buy-ins
SNG Tournaments 25 Buy-ins
50 Buy-ins 100+ Buy-ins
MTT Tournaments 65 Buy-ins
100 Buy-ins 150+ Buy-ins
* BB= Big Bet in limit holdem
* Playing a limit with less than the buy-ins for aggressive is just wreckless

Moving up and down on the limits
- When you have 300 big blinds for the next lower limit you should move down, with 300 big blinds of the next higher limit you should move up .
Example: You need $90 to play FL 0.15/0.30 , at $60 you need to move to FL 20 , when you reach $150 you can move up to FL 50