Top 10 poker tips for online poker

1. Discipline yourself and use Bankroll Management

- This is the most important tip , without a bankroll you can't play at all , sure there is play money and free tournament but not much excitement there if no money is involved . To find the bankroll management for your style read the article on bankroll management . If you are not sure which one to use just go conservative which will suit most players who have trouble managing their bankroll .

2. Use poker software to improve your game

- Poker tracking software is essential since it's the best tool to analyze your game to find your leaks , weak spots . Besides that it will also give you the option to set up HUD (heads up display) that will display statistics like aggression factor , 3bet range , voluntary money in the pot (players range) and a ton of other information that will help you on the higher limits where the basic strategy just won't cut it . Get Holdem manager for best tracking .

3. Play profitable games

- You will make the most money on your opponents mistakes , if you find yourself on a table full of sharks just leave the table . On the past 6 months an average of 57564 cash players played a poker table each day . Don't limit yourself to a single platform , only play with the regulars if you have an edge over their style .

4. Get the right mindset

- Never play angry or in a bad mood , don't bring your emotions to the poker tables as no good can come from it . When you loose a big pot take and feel like going on tilt just take a break , remember that it's a marathon not a sprint , there will be your day next time . If you insist on playing other player will take advantage .

5. Always play in your cashiers currency

- While poker rooms claim they don't make any profit on currency conversion , each time a currency change occurs they round it in their favor . While the 2 cents at a time looks like nothing it will add up at the end of the month when you calculate your winnings/losses , especially if you play on the micro-small stakes .

6. Stick with the larger poker platforms

- You could lose the full bankroll from one day to another if the shady poker room decides to close its door from one day to another . If a super user account cheated players out of hundreds of thousand of dollars at UltimateBet , in comparence you can imagine the security or employees of a flash based poker room . (Pitbull Poker for example).

7. Learning is part of poker

- It's not enough if you analyze your own game . There are ton of learning materials spread over the internet . Caching sites and video tutorials that will give you an insight how others see the game . To get feedback you can also post hands for evaluation on poker forums .

8. Schedule your poker tournaments

- Tournaments can take up to several hours if you get deep and go through the first round of blinds . Don't enter just for a sake of it with an expectation of an early knockout . Don't take donkaments to seriously , on freerolls or low entry tournaments there will be a lot of loose play especially on early stage . Don't be surprised if your Q♠Q♣ is cracked by 74 .

9. Look for poker tells and keep notes

- Most sites offer the "notes" function to tag and keep information on opponents , if you don't poker tracker with HUD , this will be the only info you'll have on your opponents . This will work even better on smaller platforms where the same players frequent the tables .

10. Increase your bankroll with a boost from rakeback

- Every bit helps and even if you play the low stakes a bankroll boost at the end of month could get you out of the whole or bump up your winnings . How much are you losing if you play without rakeback , simple use the rakeback calculator to find out .