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In order to receive your $50 starting capital you need to register with PokerStrategy and complete the PokerStrategy quiz .

It is important to take the 5 minutes to read this page as the information on this page will greatly increase your chances . With only have 5 attempts if you don't succeed you won't be eligible for a free bankroll on one of the many available platforms .

Register with pokerstrategy

Registration :

1. Visit the PokerStrategy page , fill in your information and and hit the "Sing up" button (Keep this page open)
2. After registration , you will receive the verification e-mail from the PokerStrategy Team , use the link or the verification number to confirm your e-mail address.

Passing the PokerStrategy quiz :

Take the test and fight for your money

1. After you register/validate click the "Fight for your free $50" link . We recommend selecting the SNG(Sit and Go Tournaments) for the quiz as the basic play may be easier to grasp if you are new to the game and you may also be familiar with some of the concepts since you most likely already tried your luck at some free roll tournaments .

SNG  pokerstrategy format

2. Download the Bastic Starting Guide and keep it open , a lot of the questions will be related and you can simply use the chart to find the correct answer .

3. Go trought the basic articles (or videos) of which there are only 4, it will be quick and easy considering the free gift, the necessary knowledge and the basics to complete the pokerstrategy quiz succesfully would be as follows -

a) Get the basics of the quiz

The first article goes through the basics of Texas Holdem which will get you familiar with starting positions , explains the simplest poker terms like (Fold,Bet,Raise etc) and gives a summary of Texas Holdem hands with examples. If you were not familiar with these terms, you better jump onto the play tables just to get familiar with the platform.

On the surface it may appear as a simple game , but a lot more than knowing the rules is required to become a consistent long-term winner.

b) Teaching you to keep and grow the $50 starting capital

Never disregards bankroll management and only play on a level that your bankroll allows, taking stabs at higher limits can be fun, but you have a choice to make - take it seriously and get some hard earned cash or waste this opportunity of free coaching and learning material with a provided $50 free bankroll .

Learn to adapt to each of the three phases of a tournament which would be -

Don't take unnecessary risks at the beginning of a tournament , also called the early phase (blinds don't take up a huge amount of your stack) and pick your spots until you get a read on your opponents. Note that you need at leas two pair to go all-in on the flop at this phase . The early phase of a tournaments when the average stack consists of - 24 big blings or more .

Open up your game as the blinds get higher at the middle phase and start attacking them more aggressively . The middle phase of a tournaments when the average stack consists between 14 and 24 big blinds .

Don't be afraid to play the "push fold" game at the late phase when your stacks gets to a fragile state (around the 10BB mark).The late phase of a tournament is when the average stack consists of 14 big blinds or less .

c) Starting hands and game strategy

It's obviously better to alter the hands based on every information you have on your opponents including playing styles,reads, HUD stats , notes taken or perhaps the color codes you add over the time . That information isn't available at all times since hundreds of thousands of players play online especially if you prefer a big and trusted network like PokerStars . For that reason you need to have a standard play (so called auto-mode) for unknown players . You also need a basic style if you multitable havily and are required to take quick actions without looking at notes and stats .

The basic strategy in this article should help you with that -
Download the Basic SNG Guide if you haven't already(you should keep close while taking the quiz as well, or even print it if a printer is accessible)

Note: The guide has a different chart for each phases of the game , steal attempts and also includes graphs of tables positions and a bankroll management guide . All of which are required in both being successful in SNG poker and passing the pokerstaretgy quiz in order to get your free money. If a hand is not found in the chart , you are not supposed to play that hand !
Bankroll management guides you whether to go up or down on the limits based on your current bankroll.

Some examples are also given how to read this chart , make sure to read those before you test your poker knowledge at the quiz.

d) Don't be a fish or a maniac

Some betting standards -
The standard raise is 3BB + 1BB/limper , you can adjust to 2.5 and even 2 as the blinds get higher and higher at the later phases.

The standard c-bet is 2/3 the pot and the standard re-raise is 3 times the initial bet . Don't stay in multi-way pots with medium strength hands , only chase if it's affordable (don't be the fish at the table) and only bluff if you have a reason to do so (ie they have a very high tendency to fold) , adjust your play to your HUD stats and you should be ready to go.

Whenever a hand and a position is in the question (ie middle position KQ , 2 players call the initial raise) make sure the check the starting hand chart mentioned above if you are unsure of the correct answer.
GL with the quiz!

- Once you go through the material hit the Start the Quiz button -

Once you passed the quiz , select a free money platform and follow each step carefully , don't hesitate to contact their support or post on the forums if they don't reply to your request within a reasonable time (48 hours excluding weekends)

PokerStrategy quiz passed

You have to be a new player on the selected platform . Select a platform and follow the instructions . Submit your username/details at the end of the page .

Fill in your profile with the correct information .

Wait Time / Verification :After completing the pokerstrategt quiz , PokerStrategy team may request identity proof , check your email, it could take a couple of minutes (spam folder as well as it may be filtered) . If you don't receive the bonus within 72 hours log in to your PokerStrategy account and submit a ticket under the Help section .