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Memorable high stakes poker quotes

- The show does not only stand out as the biggest televised cash game , the exciting no limit texas holdem game is topped with the banter and constant jokes between the two commentators Gabe Kaplan and A. J. Benza . Unfortunately the recent 6th season only features Kaplan and while the impressive lineup (Ivey, Durr,Zigmund ,Negreanu) keeps us entertained , the perfect chemistry between the two commentators will be missed . If it's working , don't fix it !

- I will post some of the funniest lines from high stake poker , obviously they don't do justice to the video so make sure to check it out if haven't already

Amir Nasseri seems to be on a pretty good winning streak , "Well , it's poker AJ. Anybody can win at poker plus he does have some playing skills and ... plus he's talking to the Iranian secret services through his earphones"

AJ: "You know I hear 4 to 5 gynecologist recommends dressing up for a big game"
GK: " Well dressing up helps , accessorizing yourself properly helps . It also helps to flop set over set "

Action is to the legend , Doyle Brunson "Doyle has what you call can 'all purpose hand' here , he can raise , call or fold"

Camera goes to the girls next to the bar ,
AJ: "As you can see the high stakes game attracts a different kind of crowd"
GK: "Once someone gets a $500 tip , those cocktail waitresses start to multiply"

GK: " Sammy Farha is trying to decide what to do with his huge hand 9♣6♦ "

"Look at this , you got an israelian and a lebanese , the best of friends . They should have UN meetings at the poker table and there should be no war , unless one country slowrolled another"

Farha: " Oh my god , not you again .*Cheeky: girls-girls-girls* I don't want to have that experience with you" GK: "Yeah , sammy had a terrible experience with Jerry , his sixes lost Jerry's set of jacks"

"Doyle's next book is going to be be 'How to digest your food between the flop and the river' "

Phil Hellmuth comments
"Maybe if he starts acting up Antonio (the magician) can make him disappear or maybe better yet , saw him in half ."

Hellmuth: " ..I've had one losing trip in two years for the side games .."
AJ: "One losing tip in two years , doesn't sound so bad "
GK: "The only problem is he only played in one cash game for the last two years"

Hellmuth:K♣Q♦ Greenstein:Q♠Q♣ Flop:K♦4♠Q♦

After Greenstein puts Hellmuth all in he makes an insta-call
GK: "Phil Hellmuth did one if his patented 'In-Your-Face' calls , took about one thousandth of a second to get his money in there , and he's gonna be very disappointed . He's dead to a king . Let's see that call one more time in slow-motion ."
AJ: "Notice the finesse and grace of a man who has no doubt he has the best hand at the table"
GK: "Notice the great form he has here , never bends his elbows"

*Phil rebuys and takes some chips out of a plastic bag*
GK: "And it looks like Phil is gonna continue the game , and takes some money out of that designer bag he carries around"

*Hellmuth flops a set with 8♠6♣ *
GK: "Look at this , PH has flopped three sixes . If he loses this hand we're going to see a meltdown that will make three mile island look like kids play "

"It seems like the whole table is after Phil , it's like a 'Kill Phil' table . I just saw Uma Thurman in the background ."

"... she added a little more fuel to the Hellmuth rocket ship . NASA has officially started the countdown , the space station has been alerted . Hellmuth is ready to blast off "

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