Pokerstars is one of the top rated poker sites in the world that offers plenty of unlimited of fun and enjoyment to the player. Available in all stakes, poker stars is now being known as a standard setter in poker world with its amazing tournaments. Ranging from the low and easy stakes to the tough stakes, each tournament is filled with thrilling game play.

The PokerStars software is also very efficient as it offers pretty fast and reliable game play with customizable layout and multi-tables options. The only thing that counts negative in poker stars is the level of competition. Mostly you are placed against some perfect player who beats you away in seconds and you are left with nothing. It happens mostly when you jump in to a game with a huge player base.

Poker stars also offers complete range of poker stars including Texas Hold'em, Omaha and Seven-Card Stud and lots of others. Good thing about poker stars is that they are never stick to one game and they keep on adding new games to their system to enhance the gaming experience. Poker stars software also offers many incredible features which include private Home games and TimeTourney. There are also other distinctive features which you are not going to find in any other game.

Talking about the current promotions and free bankrolls, poker stars is largely benefiting the players from UK as they are eligible to receive free bonus of up to £600. Although this bonus can be utilized only in playing games and they have set some other restrictions and terms as well but still poker stars is one of the highest bonuses offering poker sites. Bank roll in poker stars is widely used for playing games and only the money you earn by yourself is liable to the terms of cash. Moreover, poker stars offers a £1k monthly bonus to its members as well.

Easy to use and customizable interface of poker stars allows you to select from a huge range of games and tournaments. Statistics of April 2014 revealed that poker stars have 22500 ring-game players at peak hours and 155000 tournament players in peak hours that is entirely outstanding.


  • Offers a wide selection of games and tournaments
  • Allows the players to select multiple variants
  • Exciting beginner and monthly bonuses


  • Provides with tough opposition in high stake games
  • No phone or live chat support. Only offers email support