Poker Freerolls:  Get Something for Nothing

What if you are really fond of playing poker yet you don't have the minimum amount required to start playing and winning money?  There's a simple solution.  Join poker freerolls and you'll get to play poker for free.  If you’re good, you'll even win sufficient playing money.

Poker Freerolls:  Free Bank Roll and Big Tourney Entry

Poker freerolls are of various types and are conducted for different purposes.  First of all, they are poker tournaments.  They are called poker freerolls because, primarily, they are tournaments that can help poker players build their bank roll from nothing.

That's right; strictly speaking, poker freerolls are poker tournaments that require no buy-in.  All you have to do is sign up for membership (there's no charge) at the poker room sponsoring the freeroll tourney, register early (so you can be assured of a slot) then log in and play at the tournament.  The cash prizes at such poker freerolls are definitely not very large.  They're somewhere in the neighborhood of $100 to $500 (this latter figure is already generous for a freeroll tournament), but if you win it, it should be enough for an initial bankroll.  Your poker freeroll prize money should give your poker playing career a great start.

On the other hand, there are poker freerolls which do not offer cash prizes.  Instead, they award a place to a bigger tournament.  The winner of the poker freeroll, in this case, will gain entry to a bigger tournament which offers a bigger cash prize (possibly in the thousand-dollar range) or a slot in an even bigger tournament.  Whatever the case, such tournaments require a moderately large or large buy-in which some people simply are not willing to risk.  Thus, they just play at poker freerolls; if they play their cards right, they'll gain entry to the high-roller tournament for free.

What do Poker Rooms Get out of Poker Freerolls?

At this point, you may well be wondering why an online poker room will sponsor a freeroll tournament when there are enough players out there who are willing to pay or have enough dough to make the required minimum deposits.  Well, online poker rooms can always use another player – it's as simple as that.  To bring poker players into their fold, so to speak, they lure them with the promise of free cash.

Where to find Poker Freerolls

You can find some of the absolutely free tournaments in the tournaments section .